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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  February 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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it was the closest democratic caucus in history... but exactly how close is still unclear. good evening. i'm erin kiernan... and i'm dan winters. early tuesday morning the iowa democratic party declared hillary clinton the caucus winner... and announced the party's results were final.... now the party can't say what those final results are.... channel 13's mike dasilva has more on the change. 18:21:17--20 'theres always room for human error, especially when you have this many people participating.' thomas henderson saying there may have been mistakes made in transmitting the data on caucus night... 18:21:41--51 'it is possible that the reports that were received on caucus night are different than the actual sheets when we have a chance to calculate now that we received from precinct captains. that is possible.' henderson stands by the process itself...calling it fair,
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we know them...could change... 18:22:58 'is it possible that at some point down the road we could look back and say actually bernie won. we thought hillarywon that night but in retrospect bernie won? i guess anythings possible.' 18:23:09 i dont anticipate the numbers ll shift but its so close who knows when they have a chance to look at the numbers again and i think the state party will do that review we could get a different result, we dont know yet. 15:11:28--32 we think our process is very special and we think that there are a lot of great things about the process.' part of the iowa democratic party's special process includes flipping a coin. 00:00:24--28 'remember this is a caucus, it was very very close, it was called by a coin toss.' hillary clinton supporters won 6 out of 6 coin tosses at iowa caucus sites... 15:09:04 "these take place in very rare circumstances where usually either you have awarded too many delegates than you can elect or too few or that there might be a complete tie and so you know this is the process that is in place. all campaigns knew about that" sam lau says iowa democrats are currently reviewing complaints
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both the sanders and clinton campaigns... 15:07:36--43 'we obviously want to make sure that everything is accurate and so i cant give you a specific number, but we are looking at everything thats brought to us thoroughly.' 15:10:18--27 'when things are very close, you know obviously people are going to look into exactly what happened but which is fine you know thats why we are taking all of these steps.' the iowa democratic party says after every caucus they review the process to look for ways to improve. the des moines register is reporting that errors are being is being changed... we tried to speak with party chair andy mcguire about that tonight but were told she was unavailable. brad anderson managed president 20-12.
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party doesn't have a way to confirm that its results are correct... during today's iowa press... anderson says, "the one thing that is troubling is in a close race there should be some kind of recount procedure and right now because of the way its done on the democratic side, its just not possible. we dont have ballots.' anderson says the democratic party should consider adopting republican caucus procedures where there are ballots and a paper trail than can be double checked and verified. the botched caucus is the second in a row for iowa... in 20-12.. then republican party chairman declared mitt romney the winner. two weeks later... corrected results showed rick santorum actually won. the party then convened what it called a blue-ribbon committee to look at what went wrong and to prevent it from happening again. strawn says the democratic party should not go through the same thing. 10:05-10:19 one thing that i thought was helpful when the party went through
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worked right, what didn't and lets have an honest assessment of what needs to be improved, that would be my recommendation to doctor mcquire and the idp. again... the democratic party says it will review its caucus procedures. on the republican side... congressman steve king is defending a pair of tweets he sent as the caucuses were getting underway... they were both in reference to "skipping new hampshire and south carolina is the equivalent of suspending." the second sent one minute later read, "carson looks like he is out." king says the tweets were based on a c-n-n article... however the article didn't say carson was suspending his campaign or dropping out. king met with carson earlier this week to clear to the air... 45:41-46:04 we talked to eachother man to man, i told him that i regret that this happened and i'm sorry especially that it happened to him and his campaign, if i had it to do over knowing
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knowing what i knew though at the time i've reviewed the chronology of that i came to the conclusion and i told ben this i would have had to do the same thing under the circumstances. king says he was aware ben carson was going to florida following the caucuses... but didn't send his tweet until after c-n-n's article. new hampshire officials hope to avoid mistakes in their primary... they are also preparing for record breaking turnout... i thought that in 2008 that we night see anything like that again for a while because that was such an incredible turnout but i believe that this one will actually exceed that. more than 518-thousad people cast a ballot in the 20-08 primary. investigators say they are now confident a house fire in nevada was intentionally set... police were called to the home yesterday morning. police initially suspected the
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and then took his own life. police now say evidence collected theory. the say the fire was started in two different locations.... and that flammable liquids were found home. security along court avenue following november's deadly shooting.. 21-year old edmanuel perez was was a fight between two groups on november 29th. a second man was also shot but survived. police arrested 24-year old dresean barber four days later. he's charged with murder and attempted murder. the shooting raised safety concerns in the court avenue district... and today the city responded. they plan to install additional lighting along court avenue... also in the works are nine high definition cameras. they will be installed in alley way, parking lots, and along the street. the third measure won't be as easy to miss. the program will include 6
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weekends per year in the court avenue district with the addition of holidays and special events they will be avaialbe to be on patrol during those times the city hopes to have all of the new security measures in place sometime next month. the weekend is almost here ... and the same event is on almost everyone's to do list... the superbowl. the owner of thunderhead bar and grill in ankeny is already getting ready... he expects big crowds... with most people supporting the denver broncos. he's also hoping they come with big appetites... 'we have about 600 pounds of wings that were prepared to serve over the weekend a majority of that will be sunday between 3-5 before the game.' this year's superbowl is in san francisco... and the temperatures should be in the upper 60's at kick- off... chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us... ed.. iowans watching the game
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tonight the waukee warriors get a chance to knock off a number one... and johnston may have the most to gain. the pair of top-ranked match-ups coming up in sports. the jobs i'm applying for now are offering less and they're also not offering benefits. just seven years after the great recession... and fears of another recession are growing... the signs of trouble.. and what you can do to protect yourself right after the break. his is the first time that the unemployment has dipped below
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his is the first time that the unemployment has dipped below five percent in almost eight years. americans are working." the unemployment rate is heading the right direction... but there are concerns about how long it will last. the u-s economy created 151- thousand jobs last month... 50- thousand fewer than expected... at the same time the number of people filing for unemployment is also on the rise... that is the trend wall street is focused on... the dow fell more than 2-hundred points. nasdaq saw the biggest losses... down 146-points.. more than 3- percent. analysts at citigroup described the situation as a quote, "death spiral" for the global economy. the united states is not in a
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people it doesn't feel like it... glen walker looks at the struggle for familes... college grads... and
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financial advisors say you should try to save money where ever possibile... walking instead of driving... eating in instead of out. they say even the small steps can help you live within your means and avoid
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light snow is possible as you are driving home this evening, but it will not amount to much more than a light dusting. clouds will hold temperatures in place throughout most of the night. lows will be in the lower 20s, which is seen over the past couple of nights. we'll start the day on saturday with quite a bit of cloud cover, but as they break up temperatures will start to warm up into the upper 30s
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it wi what's america's best-selling brand of trucks? you're in for a big surprise, pal. actually, you're not. it's ford f-series, again. and, it wasn't even close. same trucks that have been leading the industry for 39 straight years. why? game changin' innovation. like f-150's high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy. which helps make it stronger, more capable and more efficient than ever. innovation. it's why f-series is making every other truck brand... history. tonight it takes a major hit. starting center jameel mckay is
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isu basketball sid matt shoultz confirms the news that mckay did not make the trip to stillwater for violating team rules. mckay has been the man in the middle all year averaging 12 points 9 rebounds a game. deonte burton will get the start in mckay's place, but that leaves only jordan ashton and hallice cooke available off the bench. jameel mckay has been known for his unsual tweets. he sent this out earlier tonight. quote...1 game...meaning he will only miss saturdays game. we shall see. the loss of mckay is something iowa state cannot afford right now, mainly because of the depth issue. at 5 and 4 in the big 12 the cyclones hit the road saturday to take on oklahoma state, a team they've beaten 5 straight times. iowa state will try to make it 6
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cowboys just 2 and 7 in the big 12. tip set for 1pm from stillwater. the girls high school basketball season enters the home stretch. class 5a has seen 4 different number 1 teams this year. tonight, the current number 1 taking on the former number 1. top ranked centennial and 5th ranked waukee. warriors go inside to reilley jacobson. she fights like a warrior through the contact. waukee up by 4 in the third. jags cut the lead to one, sydney wycoff drano from 3. . 32-31 after three. more from centennial kendyl lindaman, known for hitting off glass and more from centennial kendyl lindaman, known for hitting off glass and
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chance for waukee... carlie littlefield somehow gets the shot off... but it's no good. jags win 45-43. 2nd ranked johnston home taking on dowling. the maroon machine rolling, emma gaber wide open, money in the bank. dowling up two. johnston's game plan... get the ball in the paint, and let taryn knuth work. she's tall then every once in a while kick it out... paige sieren good from deep.
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after just a 7 and 5 non-conference the drake women have turned it on in the missouri valley. bulldogs 7 and 2, on top of the conference. home tonight taking on wichita state. 1st q. caitlin ingle, great look to a wide open sammie bacrodt, dogs up 1 early. 10 points for sammie later in the 1st. outside, maddie dean, money from downtown. 9 for dean, drake up 2. they start to pull away. paige greiner, the rainbow 3. drake rolls 81-59 over the shockers. the regular season is winding down for tom brands and the iowa wrestlers. a win tonight over indiana and the hawkeyes clinch at least a share of the conference title. camoflouge night at carver. brands sporting the camo button down. 141 -- brody grothus gets tommy cash on money. 1st period
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edwin cooper, jr. major decision 13-1 over jake danishek. iowa crushes indiana 45-zip to claim a share of the big 10 regular season title. in-state showdown in cedar falls. uni and number 16 iowa state. 174. lelund weatherspoon, solid 6-2 win over kyle lux. panthers lead 16-15. final match. dane pestano clinches it for the cyclones. 8-2 win over drew foster.
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